Brazil Fashion Miami


This event will be held in Miami at the Faena Forum Cultural Center and will offer both fashion shows and trunk shows, promoting Brazilian brands such as Martha Medeiros, Rosa Chá, GIG Couture, Jack Vartanian and Fabiana Milazzo, among many others, along with art exhibits, music performances, supporting community social causes such as: the Ballet Beyond Borders – Miami City Ballet and Projeto Olhar do Sertão.

Fashion Gallery Event

Miami is officially recognized to be the “Fashion Capital of Brazil.”  On November 3rd, 2017, from 3:00pm to 10:00pm, we are pleased to launch the event, “Brazil Fashion Miami” to enrich the community with Brazilian culture, creativity and Art.

“Brazil Fashion Miami” was Founded by Flavia Marchesini, CEO of Brazil Society LLC and Co Founder Giuliana Brandao, a Fashion Industry Expert, “guru” with over 20 years experience in Brazil – in partnership with NYFT – New York Fashion Trade.  This event has been accredited by the Consular Committee, and co-ordinated by the Brazilian General Consul in Miami – Adalnio Senna Ganem.

“Brazil Fashion Miami” is now an official part of the “Brazilian Social Calendar” of formal scheduled yearly events.

“A Journey Through Brazilian Experiences” was built on creativity, life and travel. An enriched program, offering exciting activities to promote Brazilian culture in the arts, music, dance, gastronomy and business.

“One of the main purposes of “Brazil Fashion Miami” is to continue to build a strong relationship between Brazilian and American cultures, in order to promote the element of creativity and business between both countries. Our mission is to promote the value of leading Brazilian talent in this global fashion market”, says Marchesini.

“The Brazilian Fashion industry encompasses over 30,000 formal fashion industries and employs approximately 1.7 million employees, of which 75% are woman,” said Fashion Ambassador, Angela R. Mann and founder of NYFT- New York Fashion Trade, a successful entrepreneur who decided to channel her hard work and humanitarian spirit to empower woman, by introducing their arts and crafts, handmade clothing and accessories to Miami, New York, Paris and to the Global world.

The event will be held at the Faena Forum Cultural Center in Miami Beach, and will include fashion shows, trunk shows, art exhibits, photography exhibits, music, dance performances and a Gourmet Food area.

The BRM Runway will host leading names in Brazilian Fashion such as Martha Medeiros, Rosa Chá, GIG Couture, Jack Vartarian, Ana Cárttori by, Schutz, and Fabiana Milazzo.

We are also very proud to announce that Fashion Designer Martha Medeiros will receive a special BFM award for utilizing 100% Brazilian workmanship in her designs. Martha Medeiros designs are warmly welcomed and worn by celebrities all over the world.

This year “Brazil Fashion Miami” will be presenting its first annual “Brazilian Fashion Model of the year award” to an individual who has shown excellence in his or her contributions to the fashion industry within this past year.  

The Trunk show will feature a “see now, buy now” concept, as attendees will have the opportunity to buy fashions and accessories at the trunk shows of Martha Medeiros, Ana Cárttori by, Schutz, Fabiana Milazzo, Margô, Cassia Mallmann, Salgar, Vix, Jack Vartanian, Lenny Niemeyer and Bossa Concept Store.

BFM will also exhibit the work of photographers Eduardo Rezende and Fábio Cabral, artist Carmem Gusmão, sculptor Fernanda Frangetto and the Great Modernist Masters, under the curatorship of Jade Matarazzo.

The Miami City Ballet will perform at the event, which will also include a pocket show with singer Beatriz Malnic, who is one of the leading names of current Bossa Nova artists.

“Brazil Fashion Miami” already has expansion plans for 2018 with the support of Apex USA, the Brazilian Consulate in Miami, ABEST, Saks Fifth Avenue, Saccaro USA, Dior Make Up, Bossa Concept, Lousier Desserts and Only Miami. BFM’s first showcase will be a milestone in the history of Brazilian Art and Fashion in Miami.

BFM Team:

  • Founder & Creative Director –  Flavia Marchesini – Brazil Society – Cultural Projects
  • Co-founder & Executive Director – Giuliana Brandão – NYFT – New York Fashion Trade
  • American Fashion Ambassador – Angela R.Mann – NYFT – New York Fashion Trade
  • Event Planning & Decor Director – Miriam Aguiar – Atelier 18 Events
  • Runway Director – Ana Cárttori NYFT-New York Fashion Trade
  • Visual/Arts – Jade Matarazzo and Carmem Gusmão
  • Hair & Make Up Stylist – Runway – Dafne Evangelista Beauty Lounge
  • Light & Sound – Sandro Andalaft – Muzik Corporation
  • Interior Designer (Event) – Daniele Guardini and Adriano Stancati – GSAD Designs
  • Fashion Photographer /Video – Messi Schneider
  • Marketing Agency – Ana Alice Soares – Agencia Divina