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Some people think modern society is obsessed with celebrities, and that this is a relatively new phenomenon driven by the prevalence of smartphones and Internet culture. In reality, this is a trend that began in the 1920s and 30s, with the rise of Hollywood, cinema, and movie stars. As much as costume designers attempted to recreate the fashion people were wearing at the time, consumers were also influenced by what glamorous Silver Screen stars were wearing both on and off screen. It’s necessary to keep an eye on what Hollywood is wearing in order to anticipate your customers’ needs.

hollywood fashion 30s

Recently, Louis Vuitton debuted a graphic T-shirt from the popular science fiction show Stranger Things. It was sent down a runway while they showcased their new collection, and it was a prime example of Hollywood influences. The design on the shirt was a movie poster for the show that had been modeled after a famous 80s movie, Stand By Me. In this way, movies influenced pop culture and in turn influenced fashion. It’s also apropos to the trend of 80s fashion making a comeback right now. We can expect these designs to become increasingly in demand, especially as 80s fever takes over TV screens everywhere.

louis vuitton stranger things

Movies and their stars will continue to influence fashion in the future, and so it is important to keep an eye on trends, what films are big in the box office, and what celebrities are considered trendsetters both on and off screen. This can affect both growth in sales and decline. Clark Gable, a popular leading man in the 1930s, was seen without an undershirt in It Happened One Night, and ironically enough, almost overnight the sale of undershirts plummeted. Paying attention to what isn’t hot in Hollywood can be as important as noticing what is, and it can save you from ending up with stock that won’t move.


                                                                       It Happened One Night

The prevalence of the Internet makes is so that information travels faster than ever. It can also make it easier to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to watching Hollywood trends. Following celebrity news isn’t just good entertainment anymore: it’s good business sense.

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