Angela Mann



Angela R. Mann has over 40 years of experience as a successful business entrepreneur and believes strongly in the importance of fundamentals, hard work, and fair trade.

As a business expert and consultant, she has traveled abroad researching strategies for growth and success in this economic global world. Her humanitarian instincts began while visiting third world countries in the ’80s and today is channeling her humanitarian spirit by empowering women and introducing their arts, crafts, handmade clothing, and accessories to big cities around the world:  New York, Paris, London, Milan, Tokyo, Seoul, Rio, and Sao Paulo.

In the Health and Beauty industry, along with her bachelor’s degree in Science & Chemistry, she continues to develop and research cosmeceutical – anti-aging products which today is considered the “new medicine for beauty” and the fountain of youth.

Her sophisticated fashion sense and expertise were mentored for years while participating hands-on with fashion collaboration consisting of family seamstress’s, family artisans and fabric manufacturing- servicing the local fashion community while learning at a very young age how to cut, design and create. She is a fashion writer, editor, and publisher of NYFT Magazine.

Her entrepreneurial humanitarian spirit and her expertise collectively and seamlessly come together to achieve her many passions in life and believes that transformation, success, and change in one's life, can only occur through innovation, creativity, and hard work.