These days, the Millennial generation no longer fits the stereotype of teenagers spending all their time on smart phones. Millennials have grown up, and contemporarily, they’re a huge driving force behind the consumer market. Learning how to win their business is a crucial aspect of expanding your market share in the coming years. As Baby Boomers die out, and younger generations take over, this becomes increasingly vital. We’ve analyzed what attracts Millennials and gets them to commit to a brand. Here, we’ll break it down for you.


Social media still plays a monumental role in winning over Millennial consumers. Word of mouth is a classic marketing tactic that’s difficult to generate organically, but thanks to social media, it has evolved. These days, a brand doesn’t have to be recommended by a trusted friend in order to get someone to purchase it. It can also be recommended by a celebrity, industry professional, or any online social media presence who has clout. Blogging and having an online brand identity is key.


Millennials want to feel like they’re being interacted with. This means responding to customers online, creating ads that are engaging, and breaking down the boundaries of professionalism in order to have a more personal, casual rapport with customers. Also, interactive marketing means creating content that customers can share with their friends. Consumers want their friends’ approval and to be able to share their exciting new outfit or accessory with them. In terms of fashion, aesthetic can be more important than practicality. How Instagrammable are your products?


Finally, Millennials are all about customization. They love being able to make choices when it comes to their belongings, even if those options are as simple as having a selection of colors to pick from when buying a new blouse. Fashion is, first and foremost, a form of self-expression, so it makes sense that consumers would want it to be as individual as possible.

To summarize: marketing to Millennials needs to be personal, it needs to be social, and it should be as interactive as possible. If your brand is nailing these three aspects, then you can look forward to growth in the coming years and an expanding Millennial following.